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Our Story

Meet Hope

Hope is the inspiration for the sanctuary. She was in a local animal shelter, facing euthanasia when she entered our lives. She had over 3 lbs. of mammary tumors, and was severely overweight. With lots of love and a little surgery, she lived with us for over a year before we lost her to lung cancer.
After her loss, we decided to turn our home into a place for senior animals who find themselves in a shelter, those who are considered the least adoptable. Our dream became a reality in 2004, when our 501c3 status was granted.

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located on private property on a quiet hillside in Valley Center, a small town in northern San Diego county. Almost 2 1/2 acres provides a warm, caring home environment for several cats, dogs, and farm animals.
The number of resident animals is small when compared with other sanctuaries across the country, but this allows every animal the opportunity for daily one-on-one interaction as in a regular home.
The cats live in either the Kitty Cabana, in the house or the “House of Blues”. The Kitty Bungalow was recently added. The Cabana is a 10’x12’ building with an almost 1200 square foot yard enclosed around it. The yard has grass, tree stumps, a picnic table, and “catgloos” for napping. Lavender, sage, and catnip plants surround the perimeter as do tall grasses for playing “jungle kitty” games.
Those kitties who live in the house need closer monitoring of their health problems during the day. They have an outdoor enclosure, complete with grass, plants, and benches to nap on. The House of Blues is an 8’ x12’ room with a large window and a loft. It also has a large fenced yard. The Kitty Bungalow is a smaller room with its own outdoor enclosure.

The dogs can spend the day either inside or outside depending on their preferences (and the weather!) Several comfy beds cover the living room floor. Squeaky toys, tennis balls, rope toys, and nylabones are always available for playtime. Those who enjoy riding in the car often take field trips to help buy food, visit the beach, and even the mountains.
The goats reside in a small pasture on a hillside with a cozy 8’ x 12’ shelter, bedded with straw. Their neighbors include our own personal senior horses. The goats have room to run and romp, nap in the sun, or chase leaves carried in the breeze. Flash the tortoise has a grassy yard that overlooks most of the enclosures.

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